18 Dec

The tuckpointing is almost clomplete. We had such a lovely fall that everythign except some of the flshing is done. And the building is clean. The 80th birthday will showcase this beautiful building.
In the meantime, we are doing some more capital improvements this spring. Teh first oen will be insulaating and soundproofing the server “closet”.



13 Dec

We closed the library yesterday due to the inclement weather. If you had books due, there will be no fines.


Christmas shopping

13 Dec

We received a gift through our website donation today that is intended as a Christmas present in honor of the donor’s grandparents. We called the donor and asked to what area of the collection should the donation be targeted. Consider the library and books with a nameplate as a lasting reminder.


Director’s Cut Book Club

10 Dec

I have loved facilitating book clubs here at the library. I want to periodically continue to have a book club for books that I love. The Steig Larson trilogy is a great example. I wrote to the Swedish consulate and asked if they could send someone to discuss the Olaf Palme assassination. Unfortuanley, they couldn’t. I do hope to find someone who can discuss and inform us about Sweden’s assassinations.



10 Dec

The Friends of the Library have a book sale every two months. Did you know that money goes to provide children’s programming especially during the summer?


Fiber Optic

10 Dec

Did you know that the DeKalb Public Library uses fiber optic for its high speed internet access? We switched to fiber optic about a year ago to provide faster service to our citizens.


Notary Public

08 Dec

There are three members of the staff who are Notary Publics. This is a free service of the library. Call first to make sure one is on duty when you need to have something notarized.


Voter Registration

08 Dec

Did you know that you can register to vote here at the library? We have several staff members who are authorized to be voter registrars. So if you need to register, re-register or know someone who needs to register, send that person to the library.



08 Dec

At the end of the year, many people are looking for charitable organizations to fund through a tax sheltered gift. The DeKalb Public Library is a municipal organization but relies on donations as well for materials and programming. Please consider making a gift through our website, by mail, or calling and asking what the best method is to give to the library. Recently we had a major gift from an anonymous husband and wife who want to reward the front line staff for the courteous service they have received for the last twenty years. We also welcome monetary donations for a book in someone’s memory. Your gift will be appreciated and used by all of the ciitzens of DeKalb.


What I’m Reading

07 Dec

I am reading the new book by Laura Hillenbrand. She wrote Seabiscuit. This time, she turns her attention to a man who was an Olympian in track–a miler– in the 1936 Olypmics. Then Pearl Harbor and he was drafted. I am only half way through the book and he has already survived a bomb attack, the longest surviving raft experience known, and now he is POW in a notorius Japanese prioson camp. Wow , what a life.

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