Rainy Day

08 Nov

I am sitting in my office listening to the rain and absolutley delighted that we now have coffee for the public — and staff– to purchase. What a joy to get a cup of fresh coffee, sit in front of our fireplace with a book, magazine, or newspaper and use that time that we would have been raking leaves, etc to read. I spent the weekend getting ready for winter– cleaning the garage, putting away planters, and thinking about shopping for the holidays. I am enjoying planning for reading this fall. Dee


Big Read

24 Oct

What a wonderful month we have had learning about Dashiell Hammett and The Maltese Falcon. Yesterday was another great lecture– this time about the 3 different movie versions of the book. The talk was given by Dr. Scott Balcerzak of NIU. I can’t wait to Netflix the first 2 movies. This week we have several more programs. Be sure to check them out.


Another Chart

14 Oct

Check out the census report from 1900 to now in the link below.
Census Graph


A Chart A Day

13 Oct

Ten Years of Circulation

 A Chart A Day


A Chart A Day

13 Oct

We looked at e-books vs hard copies this week. Amazing numbers.

Comparison between circulation of eBooks and Hard copies at the DeKalb Public Library


Big Read

10 Oct

The Big Read is off to a flying start. Sara Paretsky spoke eloquently about Dashiell Hammett and The Maltese Falcon as well as her own works. Coming up for adults is a public reading. If you would like to imitate Humphrey Bogart or any of the other characters let the library know.


Beautiful Weather

10 Oct

Have you stopped by to see our flowers? Really really beautiful. We are enjoying these days of fall.


Big Read

30 Sep

The Big Read starts tomorrow. There is an event almost everyday. Free copies of the book will be available at each event.



09 Sep

My husband and I attended my high school reunion and visited family during our recent vacation on the West Coast. I was struck by the number of library users during our visits. I know the economy is a driving force getting people to use their libraries– free DVDs, CDs and free entertainment in the form of books, downloadable audio and e-books. I encourage all citizens to get a library card and use it. Dee



24 Aug

In my presentation to the City Council Monday night I gave an astonishing number– two numbers actually. Our door count increased 50% from 2008 to 2010– from roughly 223,000 to 353,000. The door count is an exact number– but is actually an undercount since we do not have a counter at the handicapped door. Help us discuss why our numbers are so high. Part of the increase is due to the recession of course but are there other reasons? Dee

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