Beautiful Day

10 Aug

I think I have to go for a walk today. What gorgeous weather. Stop by and admire our gardens.


Over a thousand

04 Aug

Our children’s department has posted a record number this summer– so far over 1,000 young people have signed up for Summer Reading!!!! These families– parents/ guardians/grandparents–are encouraging their children to read during the summer. Congratualtions to Theresa Winterbauer and her outstanding staff and to all of the families who make the effort to come to the library during this long hot summer.



02 Aug

We have a librarian now who works helping people download e-books. Her name is Jodi and she will be available Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We will have a more complete schedule after Labor day.



26 Jul

The library now has a large google map of the proerty that has been offered to the library for purchase. Stop and see it. Ask questions.


Free Classes

22 Jul

The library received a grant from the State of Illinois to purchase a laptop center and to teach classes to bridge the digital divide. We have had some test classes and during the month of August, we will have a trial run of scheduling– what time works best. Our teachers have prepared 6 classes that can form the basis of a job search and 21st centruy skills. Please look at our website or call for further information.


Server Room Project

07 Jul

The conversion of the hot water closet to a slightly larger server room is done. In fact, we were up and running by Tuesday morning. Thank you Irving Construction, Alfredo’s Ironworks and Blackhawk Moving. During our “down” time, we moved some furniture and shelving for security purposes, installed beautiful iron gates for staff areas and did some heavy cleaning. Thank you everyone for your patience. Dee


Bridging the Digital Divide

08 Jun

The plans are moving forward to get the grant up and running.  The laptops for the “center” have arrived as well as a projector.  The software and licenses are installed.  WE will begin teaching practice classes in July and August.  This grant will coincide with the unemployment rate rising.  We hope to teach people the skills needed for today’s work environment.  We are exceedingly pleased to be one of the recipients of this grant.


Most ever

07 Jun

A record number of young people signed up for summer reading yesterday.  The most ever– 183.  Summer reading programs are paid for by the Friends of the Library and we thank them so much.  This is a fun and educational part of the summer that all children can enjoy.  Just come in and sign up.  Adults and teens can join inthe fun too — at the adult reference desk.


Door Count

06 Jun

May of 2006– 16,000+ people entered the library. 

May of 2011– 29,000+ people entered the library.

Amazing and Thank you for your support.


Ballad Hymn of the Tiger Mother

27 May

On the other hand, I finished Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and I just felt tired.  How can someone hold hown a demanding job and spend hours every day coaching her children on violin and/ or piano.  I just don’t know where you get the time, let alone the drive.

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