27 May

I am listening to a P.G. Wodehouse audio book and really laughing.  I know humor is personal but his books have lasted for over a century and he is very very funny.  I heartily recommend P.G.Wodehouse to everyone.



27 May

ebooks are going live next Tuesday.  And we start checking out Nooks to help our readers become familiar with ebook readers.



23 May

The library will start loaning e-readers very soon. Probably June 1. We will start with Nooks since they are compatible with our e-book distributor, Overdrive. Kindles will soon be compatible as well and we will loan them too.



17 May

Check out our book display on books in bloom.  Will there ever be a spring?  For all you gardeners, this must be frustrating.  I don’t want to read about gardening!! I want to be outside.


Author’s Luncheonon

16 May

June 25– mark your calendars.  I just finished The Thousand by Kevin Guilfoyle who will be our author  at the lunch on June 25.  Fabulous book– a thriller and based in Chicago so lots of fun.  More every day.  Tickets will go on sale this week.


Name a book

09 May

Want a book recommendation?  Tell me a book you liked and let me see if I can recommend one to you.


Civil War

02 May

My sister is here visiting and we are doing some genealogy on the library’s databases.  We are realizing that the Civil War divided our grandfather’s family– like so many others.  So it seems fitting on the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War that many of us should do our genealogy to see how families were divided.


Mayor Daley

29 Apr

Last night I was fortunate to attend a farewell reception for Mayor Richard Daley.  I asked the following question:

“As a director of a public library, I am aware of your advocacy for public libraries.  I believe you have built more public libraries than any other mayor.  Can you tell us how you became interested in the mission of  public libraries in the City of Chicago?”

He replied that “libraries are the anchor of a community. “ They are open long hours and 6 or 7 days a week.  Everyone can use the materials and the computers.  He launched into descriptions of the partnerships that the schools and libraries have forged and the mentoring programs that are in the libraries.  We are losing a national spokesperson for the importance of public libraries.


Merger Meetings

26 Apr

Tomorrow, all of the directors of libraries in PALS (now known as RAILS) will meet to discuss the implications of the 19 libraries that are leaving the system.  Most of these libraries are in the  corner of the state and some are in Iowa.  However,  their departure will affect the budget.  There are other issues, of course, but the bottom line does concern all of us.  Will let you all know later how things progress.


Gloomy Day

22 Apr

What a gloomy day. But yesterday the staff had training on checking out e-books so we can answer questions. May 31 is “go live” date. We are very excited about this new venture.

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