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Dominican Republic

02 Dec

Recently, a patron visited the Dominican Republic on a family vacation and stated that there was very little in the public libraries. In fact, here is a comment from an encyclopedia:
In general, public library collections are few and small, mostly containing only a few hundred books. Exceptions are the public library in Santo Domingo, with holdings of about 35,000 volumes, and in BanĂ­ with 38,000 volumes.
The President of the American Library Association has recently met with the Predident of the Domincan Republic to try to establish a superior public library system in that country. We are very fortunate to have good public library service throughout the United States serving all of the citizens.

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DVD changes

02 Dec

We reviewed our circulation policies on DVDs. We need more room and you need more time to view your selections. Therefore, we have increased the limit to 15 titles per patron and decreased the overdue fine to .50 per day instead of the previous $1.00 per day. The check out period will increase to 3 weeks for most DVDs. We will keep the new ones limited to a one week circulation so more patrons can access them. Everyone wins.