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24 Aug

In my presentation to the City Council Monday night I gave an astonishing number– two numbers actually. Our door count increased 50% from 2008 to 2010– from roughly 223,000 to 353,000. The door count is an exact number– but is actually an undercount since we do not have a counter at the handicapped door. Help us discuss why our numbers are so high. Part of the increase is due to the recession of course but are there other reasons? Dee



17 Aug

I heard the sound of tree trimming yesterday and ignored it for a long time. I finally looked out my window and it appeared that three trees were coming down in the parkway on 3rd street. Frank, our gardener, and I went out and those three trees are coming down by the City of DeKalb. One is on our property and two were on the First Lutheran propery– I shoudl say parkways. In fact, there are two more on our parkway that Frank thinks should come down too. At first, we thought they had been infected. They were Norwegian Maples– but had been stressed in previous years of drought. So were dead in the inside and only now starting to show the dead limbs, etc. Teh ash trees in the city are coming down too– ash borer. I wonder what we can plant that will be even more sturdy.


Beautiful weather

16 Aug

Take a walk and look at our gardens. Howeever, what a shock this morning. I was sitting in my office listening to what I thought was tree trimming. But… the Norwegian maples on the 3rd street side of the parkway have been stressed by the previous years of drought!!! Three are coming down today. Our gardener, Frank, pointed out that the two remaining ones on our property parkway are also dying. So sad. Dee



15 Aug

I had the pleasure of working on the reference desk yesterday– a lovely Sunday afternoon. The library was very busy. Both in the children’s department and the adult department. People were selecting books, asking about downloading audio books and e-books, reading the newspapers and magazines and the children were getting their prizes for summer reading. Everyone was pleased with the beautiful weather. A very nice afternoon. Dee


Beautiful Day

10 Aug

I think I have to go for a walk today. What gorgeous weather. Stop by and admire our gardens.


Over a thousand

04 Aug

Our children’s department has posted a record number this summer– so far over 1,000 young people have signed up for Summer Reading!!!! These families– parents/ guardians/grandparents–are encouraging their children to read during the summer. Congratualtions to Theresa Winterbauer and her outstanding staff and to all of the families who make the effort to come to the library during this long hot summer.



02 Aug

We have a librarian now who works helping people download e-books. Her name is Jodi and she will be available Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We will have a more complete schedule after Labor day.