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29 Nov

I love this time of year — when I can be at home with a good book, coffee cup in hand and a warm furnace. However, like most people, I am at work and wondering how everything will get done. Planning for holiday gifts can be extremely stressful. However, your library can provide excellent gifts at a very reasonable price. Not only is the Friends of the Library book sale taking place with great buys on practically new books, we also sell t-shirts, hoodies, etc. All proceeds after cost go to the Dekalb Public Library. Shop local.



23 Nov

I am thankful that all of my children and grandchildren will be gathered at my house for the holidays. As a parent, I spent a great deal of happy time reading to the children at bedtime especially. Those experiences are still the norm according to my unscientific survey of usage in the children’s department. Over 1,000 children signed up for summer reading and that means that at least that many parents, grandparents, caregivers brought children to the library and checked out books. Makes one thankful that some things never change.



21 Nov

“Thank you” to everyone who spoke at the Planning Commission meeting and/or City Council meeting. We are preparing for public input sessions as to the functions you want in your expanded library. Our days for hearing input will be the second week in December but we are finalizing the places first. Then we work on the gratn applicaiton to the State of Illinois. We are eligible for close to 65% of construction costs.


Rainy Day

08 Nov

I am sitting in my office listening to the rain and absolutley delighted that we now have coffee for the public — and staff– to purchase. What a joy to get a cup of fresh coffee, sit in front of our fireplace with a book, magazine, or newspaper and use that time that we would have been raking leaves, etc to read. I spent the weekend getting ready for winter– cleaning the garage, putting away planters, and thinking about shopping for the holidays. I am enjoying planning for reading this fall. Dee