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26 Sep

Right now, we are still working in the underground department– moving sanitary lines, water lines. Soon the foundation will be poured and the steel will go up. We will start looking like a building site instead of just moving dirt.
The children’s entrance has been moved but is available for patron use.
We are moving the staff to the public areas which means that much of the public areas will be rearranged to accommodate staff and their work spaces. We will be moving more staff to the third floor temporarily.
Do not forget the Friday night Nooks and Crannies tour. Every Friday night at 6:30 I give a tour to showcase our beautiful building with its great history and how we will merge a modern library and new functions to our current building.


Construction and Groundbreaking

01 Aug

The groundbreaking ceremony was a moment of history for the DeKalb Public Library. We thank our speakers, our guests and all who helped.
The next three weeks will be preparing for the foundation and the new but temporary entrance to the children’s room.


Book Expo

22 May

Next week I will be attending Book Expo, the annual publishers’ conference which is held in New York City. Many issues such as e-books and the policies of publishers towards libraries are on the docket as meeting subjects. I am posting a YouTube video from Mayor Daley who built more public libraries than any other mayor in the history of the United States.



Please watch.

09 May

Junot Diaz won the Pulitzer Prize for writing: watch this one minute 35 second video.