09 Mar

Did you see the Chicago Tribune article about e-books.


Harper Collins

02 Mar

Harper Collins has decided to only let its e-books circulate 26 times before they disappear.   So, that means that we have to buy another copy. The blogs are full of librarians up in arms about this decision. Lots of talk of boycotting Harper Collins.  We buy books to  reflect the needs of the DeKalb patrons, so I wonder what the future of e-books are for libraries.  Right now they are “hot” so maybe in the future, the publishers will realize that people do check books out of libraries and then buy copies for themselves as well.



28 Feb

We have contracted with Overdrive to provide e-books for circulation– meaning you can check them out for free from the library.  However, this morning’s New York Times has a disturbing article in the business section.  Harper Collins is only going to allow 26 check-outs before we have to buy the book again– I suppose this is based on the average number of checkouts before a best seller falls apart.  That’s another issue– books published in the 30′s and 40′s can still circulate becasue the paper was good and the binding was goo.

Anyway, we will have to buy another copy after 26 circualtions even though a digital book doesn’t wear out.


Voter Registration

28 Feb

Several of us here at the library are voter registrars.  The last day to register is March 8.


Notary Public

24 Feb

DeKalb Public Library has two notaries on staff.  We will notarize your signature and all for free.


Tax forms

23 Feb

Currently we still carry some tax forms.  Boy is it hard to do.  We order forms in August and the come…. whenever.   For example, we just got the 1040 federal instruction books.  Patrons are angry with us becasue they assume we have some knowledge or inside track to the IRS.  We don’t. How do you get your forms these days?


Thank You

14 Feb

What a day for the DeKalb Public Library. Yesterday was the party to celebrate the 80 years this building has been in continuous operation. (The library was actually dedicated on February 15, 1931.)  The average amount of money spent for a Carnegie library ( libraries which were built throughout the United States around 1900 by Andrew Carnegie was $15,000).  This building  cost $150,000!!! So a mighty thank you to Jacob Haish and his two descendants who represented him yesterday:  Jeff Marshall and Jennie Marshall Cummings. Thank you to Representative Pritchard and Illinois State House of Representatives for the commemorative honor. Thank you to Mayor Povlsen who spoke eloquently about the  technology needs for our citizens.  Thank you to Imelda Ruiz who represented the Board of Trustees and Thank you to the five members of our NIU football team who  reminded the audience that they are student athletes and reading is vital to success as a student.



09 Feb

We do hope to see lots of familiar as well as new faces on Sunday when we  celebrate the birthday of this building.  A “nooks and crannies” tour as well as a few short speeches with refreshments.  Get a library card as well while you are here.  We have lots of new merchandise featuring the mural. All proceeds after costs will go to the DeKalb County Community Foundation to increase our endowment fund.  We use the proceeds of that fund to buy materials for the library every year.  We would like to grow the endowment with your assistance.


Alexander McCall Smith

07 Feb

Have you read any of Mr. Smith’s books.  He has several different sereis.  One of them has been made into a series of TV shows– The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency.  They are all delightful.  I am reading his series called 44 Scotland Street– about a group of people living in apartments in Edinburgh.  Reminds me a bit of P.G. Wodehouse.  Perfect for cold weather.  Nothing too terrible is going to happen and you get to know some delightful individuals throughout the series.



07 Feb

One of the most intriguing books I have read in a long time is Room by Emma Donoghue.  Unique.  A boy and his mother are in a room– apparently imprisoned.  How do you raise a child when there is no freedom of movement.

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