13 Jan

What a dreaded word “updates” has become.   We do love our computers, networks, social media and word  processing but…. we will be down maybe half a day on Monday the 17th and then on two days in February– the 15 and 16th.  The DeKalb Public Library has no control over this because this is a system wide updating of the ciruclation software on Monday and again in February.  So all libraries in the system will be down as well. No Internet either.  We can still check materials out via pencil and paper but that will be about all.


80th Birthday

11 Jan

We will be celebrating the library building’s 80th birthday on February 13.  Music, food and of course, books. More details to come.



08 Jan

We will soon be  a product called Overdrive that will allow you to “check out” e-books from your library.  We have to take the training but I anticipate sooner rather than later.



05 Jan

First Book ( addresses a basic problem facing poor kids in America: They don’t have books.  One study found that in low-income neighborhoods, there is only one age-appropriate book for every 300 children.



03 Jan

Di you get an e-reader for Christmas or a holiday gift?  The library  is  purchasing a product called Overdrive that allows patrons to download e-books.  However, because the “fair use” provisions of the copyright law do not allow more than one user at a time to download an e-book, only one person at a time can use the service.  And it is very expensive.  So we need to decide what  to do.  We just can’t wait until the fair use issues are resolved so that electronic readers can enjoy the same resources that  print readers can.


Learning Curve

27 Dec

Blogging is new to me.   I just learned today some new features of the website and blogging.  The technology keeps us learning.  Virtual servers, cloud computing and blogging are all aspects of the library world these days.  When I became a librarian, no one would have dreamed of this world. I look back and realize how far we have progressed with bringing the world of information to the patrons.  The philosophy is the same– leveling the playing field so the every day person can have access to knowledge.


Director’s Cut Book Club

27 Dec

Tonight is the first of the Director’s Cut Book Clubs.  Like millions of people I am fascinated with the Steig Larsson books.  Why are we?  A crusading journalist, murders, poliitical chicanery?  Let’s talk tonight and/or Tuesday morning.


December 26

22 Dec

This year, we will be open the day after Christmas. We are closed for the 24th and the 25th but will be open on Sunday December 26. Come on in and check out some materials for the next week when the students are at home.


Curled Up

22 Dec

Snowstorm in the forecast? Most people have the library on their errand running for those days. Who would want to be inside without something good to read, watach or listen to?



22 Dec

Recently my husband and I saw the movie Winter’s Bone on DVD. At the end of this movie I saw that it was based on a book by Daniel Woodrell. He wrote one of my favorite books Tomato Red. Mr. Woodrell is writing what can only be described as Southern noir– but even darker than noir. The movie perfectly captured this immersion into a different world as does Tomato Red. Highly recommended but maybe not for the Holiday season.

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