12 Dec

We have some holiday shopping ideas right here at the library. We have aprons, blankets, t-shirts, copies of Wired. And the very popular chocolate bars from The Confectionary which have a picture of the library. Part of each sale benefits the library so please consider doing some shopping right here.


At Home

28 Nov

Every now and then I so love a book that I do want to shout it out. At Home by Bill Bryson fascinates in every word. He gives the history of each area of the home but in such incredible detail that one hardly can take it all in. Highly recommended. Dee



21 Nov

Amazingly, our website is now over 3 years old. We still love the look but… new things come up all of the time and where do we put them? Also, the world is becoming icnreasingly mobile and the website needs to recognize that. Although we won’t change the look, we will be investigating changing some of b ack end.



04 Oct

We recently had an arborist go over all of our trees in the “old” property and the “new” property. Many trees are in dead or dying states. Certainly our trees in the parkway are dying. We have had three trees fall in the new property. The arborist said “girding ” roots were the casue of a lot of the damage but there were fungal cankers and signs of serious disease in several of the trees. We have talked to the City of DeKalb about removal of some of the parkway trees. The arborist said there is much discussion about what trees to plant in urban locations. Everyone thought ash trees were great until ash borer bugs appeared.
There are two spruces that are not native that are full of disease and of course, box elder trees which are going to have to go. Our work is cut out for us to preserve some valuable “heritage” trees.
Someone has divided their hostas and planted them in the new property. Thank you –but –the arborist said– especially in this year of drought– that the trees are fighting for moisture agains the grass, etc around the roots. We will try to move them. Dee


Big Read

17 Sep

Last weekend was a typical weekend in DeKalb– too much to do– Sycamore Film Festival showing our own Wired documentary about deKalb, Fiesta downtown, NIU playing Army plus lots of other fall activities. start planning now for the month of October– Big Read month. Adventures of Tom Sawyer, one of “lighter” of Mark Twain’s descriptions of America. We will start on September 30 with a fence painting, of course. The focus of the month will be Why Read Mark Twain? We hope to see lots of the community at our events. Dee


Friends of the Library

09 Sep

The Friends of the Library collect books all year long and have a sale every other month. The proceeds support our youth summer reading programs. When I arrived this morning to work on a grant, there were several bags of books outside and some inside. Thank you so much for your support of the library.
I am working on a grant to increase usage and knowledge of broadband in our community. Very exciting project. Dee


Labor Day

30 Aug

Back when I was a kid, school started the day after Labor Day. Now I know they start early. Many teachers assign summer reading but for those who are getting ready to start dring to colleges and applying for colleges, we will have a large display of classics to jumpstart the college planning.


Annual Report

28 Aug

The anual report will soon be posted on the website but I want to share one number with you.
The door count has jumped — in 5 years– from 205,597 to 320,822. Amazing.


Welcome Students

21 Aug

We are already seeing an upsurge in new card registration as NIU gets back in session. Everyone who lives within the city limits is enetitled to a free library card. A library card gives you access to books, magazines, DVDs, CDs as wll as Internet access, professional librarian help with searching and a lovely building. This morning, when I came to work, I noticed someone reading at one of our new picnic tables in the “grove” as we call it. Enjoy!


Summer Reading

03 Aug

Almost 200 adults and over 1,000 children signed up for summer reading. The adult program is over and prizes will soon be distributed. The children’s prize store opens next week. Congratulations to all of those folks who made literacy and reading part of their summer plans.

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