New Software

02 Aug

Have you tried the new catalog? Some great new features. I like the uncluttered look. I was uncertain about placing a hold– where to put my whole barcode. Would that little box take all of the numbers. Of course it did. Let us know how you like it. Dee


Our dog

19 Apr

We miss our dog. If anyone hears of a clue, please let the DeKalb police department know. We just want it back.


All Done

19 Apr

The DeKalb Public Library has submitted the Illinois State Public Library Construction grant. We’ll wait and see. In the meantime, we continue to expand our services to the community. We will be having a ‘tween librarian starting this summer to program for the middle grades and buy material suitable for them. We are excited.


Grant Writing

05 Mar

Writing the grant for the expansion of the lbirary makes me think about other grants that I have written or members of my staff have written. We have a good track record of applying for and receiving grants. Recently we were awarded a grant to get science materials from an associaiton of electrical engineers. The Samll Business Council has awarded us a grant for a tablet to circulate. We just finished The Big Read application for next year. There are other opportunites for grants and we try to apply for all of them. Grant writing takes time but we can do more projects than with our working budget.


Buying e-books

13 Feb

Although we circulate e-books, we are having a difficult time buying them. More and more publsihers just do not sell to libraries. Soemhow they think thatthey won’t make as much money if buyers can read them from the lbirary. Most library users however buy books as well. I wonder how this will shake out.


Long Time

16 Jan

I apologize for the long delay. I am in the midst of applying for two grants. The first is to the National Endowment for the Arats for the next Big Read grant– due Feb 1 for next October. We are going to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The second grant is the Illinois Public Library Construction Grant — due on April 1. More on that one later. Wish us luck in the writing of detailed grants.


Public Input Sessions

08 Dec

(DeKalb) – The DeKalb Public Library has scheduled six community input sessions regarding the expansion of its current building. These meetings will focus on the functions within the library and not the exterior design of the building. Fred Schlipf, the library’s building consultant, will be moderating these meetings. Nagle, Hartray and Associates, the architects involved, will be attending Tuesday night’s evening session.
The public is encouraged to attend these brainstorming sessions. These are the first of many community meetings that the library plans to hold in the upcoming months. The schedule of the first round of meet-ings, which are all in DeKalb, are as follows:
Sunday, December 11th, 1:00pm & 3:00pm (2 sessions) at the DeKalb Public Library
Monday, December 12th, 7:30am at Barb City Manor, 680 Haish Boulevard
Monday, December 12th, 7:30pm at Conexión Comunidad, 637 N. 11th Street
Tuesday, December 13th, 7:30am at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 1201 Twombly
Tuesday, December 13th, 7:30pm at Huntley Middle School, 1515 S. 4th Street
“We hope to have good, solid discussion on what is needed inside the library,” remarks Dee Coover, di-rector of the library. “We have a lot of work ahead of us but the final outcome will be something that the city will be proud to call its own.”
The DeKalb City Council unanimously passed the Inter-Governmental Agreement on November 14th. The library is under a strict deadline to start preliminary plans of the building expansion. They hope to apply for a construction grant from the state that will fund up to 65% of the library’s construction costs. For more information, visit the library’s website at
The DeKalb Public Library is located at 309 Oak Street in DeKalb and is open to the public seven days a week.


Big Read Final Report

01 Dec

What a great year. The Maltese Falcon proved very popular among adults in the community but we had a lot of fun events for children as well. I just sent the final report to the granting agency for the NEA. The Big Read was either the sponsor or a partner at 46 events and the book was promoted at these events to over 25,000 citizens of the county. Thank you NIU especially for the plug at Homecoming and the ads at all home games. There were 399 discussions at the high schools, libraries and private book clubs throughout the county as well attended by 1223 people. Next year we are doing Tom Sawyer so be prepared for some fence painting!



29 Nov

I love this time of year — when I can be at home with a good book, coffee cup in hand and a warm furnace. However, like most people, I am at work and wondering how everything will get done. Planning for holiday gifts can be extremely stressful. However, your library can provide excellent gifts at a very reasonable price. Not only is the Friends of the Library book sale taking place with great buys on practically new books, we also sell t-shirts, hoodies, etc. All proceeds after cost go to the Dekalb Public Library. Shop local.



23 Nov

I am thankful that all of my children and grandchildren will be gathered at my house for the holidays. As a parent, I spent a great deal of happy time reading to the children at bedtime especially. Those experiences are still the norm according to my unscientific survey of usage in the children’s department. Over 1,000 children signed up for summer reading and that means that at least that many parents, grandparents, caregivers brought children to the library and checked out books. Makes one thankful that some things never change.

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