29 Mar

Movies are a wonderful way to visualize a book.  I was very interested in the movie Hunter’s Moon which is based on author Daniel Woodrell’s work.  He writes bleak stories about real human beings and is one of my favorite authors.  I was watching Castle the other night and enojoying it very much–  based on a fictional author’s work.


Friends of the Library

24 Mar

This wseekend, the Friends will sponsor their book sale.  All of the oboks are donated and then sold by the Friends.  Summer reading programs for children receive their funding through this sale.  Please support literacy by donating books and by shopping at the sale.


National Library Week

23 Mar

Thank you Midweek for the lovely article about the library.  Libraries are so important to the education of  a community.  National Library Week is going to be here in April and we are planning some programs.  One will be a basic book fixing class but we will pair it with the NIU Rare Book Librarian who will  present a program on “Is it Worth beign Fixed?” All sounds like great fun.


Landscape Design

22 Mar

I saw two crocuses blooming last Sunday and I thought about what I am going to plant in my planters this year.  I am a sucker for what looks good in the stores the day I buy.  This year I am actually going to plan and use some library books to do that!


From Oxen to Jets

21 Mar

The classic  book about the history of DeKalb  is about to be revised!! We are excited.  That book receives enormous circulation– we have several copies– for students and citizens who want to investigate the history of DeKalb.  We will be writing — along with the other libraries in the County– a historyof the function of libraries and how they have changed and stayed the same.


Where do you read?

12 Mar

I think it would be fun to have pictures of  favorite spots to read. instead, we can describe our favorites: I  have a favorite chair where I can put my feet up on a hassock, have my coffee right by my hand and a great view out my back windows.  Where do you like to read? Dee



12 Mar

Frank’s daffocils are coming up outside in the front courtyard.  Spring can’t be too far behind although today is gloomy.  I have picked up several good books fromt he Friends’ of the Library book sale and they are sitting by my reading chair waiting for me to come home and open them.  What a good feeling to have a stack of new books to look through! Dee


On-Line Order of Protection

11 Mar

Thanks to the Circuit Clerk’s office, the librariesof the county will be soon offering a safe place to file an on line order of protection.  Although this can be done anyplace that there is access to the internet, libraries can and do provide an alternative place to do the filing.  We should be able to have everything up and running within a week or so.



11 Mar

Librarians like information and data so we are constantly keeping something that may be of use.  I suppose that is why we have embraced the digital world so easily– we can put everything in digital format.  We soon will have the digital files of the original blueprints on line.



11 Mar

Our hearts are sad over the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  On  a personal note, my husband and I are from Oregon and the town that my sister-in-law lives in is currently under a tsanami watch.  We will constantly be in touch today.

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