02 Jan

I am not a diarist or a journal keeper — always a reader– so I have not kept up the blog as I should. However, we now have so much good news that I will try to update this site at least weekly and maybe more often.
The Illinois State Library has given us an enormous gift, challenge, incentive– however we look at it. The amount of money they have committed to our expansion project is $8 and 1/2 million dollars!!
To put that into perspective, there was “only” $50 million for the whole state for capital improvements to libraries in this one time only captial improvement bill. Chicago Public Library got $10 million off the top. So… the Illinois State Library has awarded us $8 and 1/2 million of the rest. I think this is a testament to our project and to the community who has supported their library since 1893. Dee


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