04 Oct

We recently had an arborist go over all of our trees in the “old” property and the “new” property. Many trees are in dead or dying states. Certainly our trees in the parkway are dying. We have had three trees fall in the new property. The arborist said “girding ” roots were the casue of a lot of the damage but there were fungal cankers and signs of serious disease in several of the trees. We have talked to the City of DeKalb about removal of some of the parkway trees. The arborist said there is much discussion about what trees to plant in urban locations. Everyone thought ash trees were great until ash borer bugs appeared.
There are two spruces that are not native that are full of disease and of course, box elder trees which are going to have to go. Our work is cut out for us to preserve some valuable “heritage” trees.
Someone has divided their hostas and planted them in the new property. Thank you –but –the arborist said– especially in this year of drought– that the trees are fighting for moisture agains the grass, etc around the roots. We will try to move them. Dee


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