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Time Magazine Talks Hobbits and Dungeons & Dragons

For all my fellow gamers out there, a brief article on Dungeons & Dragons:

Will Dungeons & Dragons Be the Next Hobbit?

And just in case you were wondering, ADVENTURE! @ your library continues to be a fantastic time. We currently have an opening for a creative and imaginative teen to join–if you’re interested, our next meeting is Sunday, December 16th, at 1:00 PM. Click the link above to sign up!


Wildcard: White Elephant Gift Exchange!


Thursday, December 13, @ 6:30 PM!

Bring a gift! Find it, make it, buy it (but only if you must, and DEFINITELY don’t spend more than $5.00), then wrap it up!

Then watch some unsuspecting person open it and try to trade for something better!

Gag gifts are encouraged!

Happy holidays, and we hope to see you there!