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ADVENTURE! @ your library update!

If you haven’t been attending ADVENTURE! @ your library, DeKalb Public Library’s very own RPG group for teens, you’ve missed out on the fantastic adventures of a gunslinger, a fox-man, a ghost, a private investigator, and a ninja as they:

- make the world safe for their favorite noodle restaurant by defeating a sorcerer with a jetpack
- fight an evil super-spy, then travel to other dimensions using a super-science television, make friends with monsters, and save the future from Mr. Smiley
- beat up a wolfman and infiltrate a party of the super-wealthy using fashion straight from Lady Gaga’s closet

It’s like the best cartoon you’ve never seen!

Fortunately, you have a chance to join in on the fun! Our next meeting is on Sunday, January 20th, at 1 PM, and you can sign up now!


I Think That Somebody Is Missing the Point

… don’t you?


This image projects food into surreal country.