Contribute Reviews!

Have you read a great book recently? Seen a fantastic film? Heard a brilliant song? Tell us about it! Feel free to click on the “Contact Info” link above and send an email with your reviews! If it needs a bit of touching up, I’ll help out with that (hey, that English degree has to be good for something), and then you can see it posted here, all credit going to you!

So what makes a good review?

  • Be Accurate: Get your facts straight.
  • Be Fair: Consider the creator’s purpose for the work. If you see a brilliant action film, don’t hate it because it isn’t a quirky romance.
  • Be Thoughtful: By which I mean, consider your thoughts and words carefully. What did the work do well? How did it succeed? If you have issues with the work, what are they?

Got it? Good! Now start writing!